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U.S. Federal Government Employment Policies

U.S. Federal Government Employment Policies

In 2011, the federal government, excluding the Postal Service, is the Nation's largest employer with about 2.0 million civilian employees.


Degrees of Equality

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation studied how LGBTQ identity surfaces and unfolds in the workplace, how environment can affect the retention and productivity of all employees and how organizations can…

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HIV & AIDS and Employment Discrimination

Americans living with HIV or AIDS may face discrimination based on their health status in many areas of life—including employment. Fortunately, federal and state laws protect against discrimination.


Establishing an Employee Resource Group

When either starting or maintaining an employee resource group, it is important to consider the support you will need, possible negative reactions, and the goals of the group.

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Workplace Discrimination Laws and Policies

Under the patchwork of state and local employment law that prohibits employment discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation more than three of every five citizens live in jurisdictions…