The Human Rights Campaign works to educate the public and provide a range of resources on issues that transgender and gender non-conforming people face — from workplace discrimination, to securing identity documents, to finding culturally competent health care, to combating violence. We are also committed to providing resources for transgender and gender-expansive youth, their families and other youth-serving professionals.


HRC’s Brief Guide to Getting Transgender Coverage Right

Covering transgender people, including those making the very personal decision to transition, can be challenging for reporters unfamiliar with the LGBTQ community, and, in particular, the increasingly visible transgender community.

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Transgender Military Service

Polling shows that the majority of Americans in every state and the District of Columbia oppose Trump’s discriminatory ban and support transgender people serving openly in the military.


Understanding the Transgender Community

Transgender people come from all walks of life. We are dads and moms, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. We are your coworkers, and your neighbors. We are 7-year-old children…

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Glossary of Terms

Many Americans refrain from talking about sexual orientation and gender identity or expression because it feels taboo, or because they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. This glossary was written…

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Coming Out to Your Doctor

Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, psychotherapists and other professionals treating you need to know about your sexual orientation and gender identity to give the best care possible.