Get the Facts on Gender-Affirming Care

Produced by the HRC Foundation

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. But across the country, politicians desperate to gain power and their allies in the media are attacking LGBTQ+ people and making it impossible, particularly for transgender and non-binary youth, to be their authentic selves.

State legislatures, governors and administrative agencies across the country are taking steps to eliminate access to gender-affirming care — medically necessary, safe health care backed by decades of research and supported by every major medical association representing over 1.3 million U.S. doctors. Some are even going as far as to accuse parents who support their transgender children of child abuse. Those backing these bills are also seeking to ban this care for adults.

A concerted disinformation campaign is not only behind discriminatory laws but is fueling threats and violence against providers of gender-affirming care, preventing them from supporting the communities they are meant to serve.

As attacks on the LGBTQ+ community continue to gain steam, it is important to get the facts about gender-affirming care.

Last updated: 7/25/23

What is gender-affirming care? HRC staff break down what it is, what it’s not and why it’s life-saving.

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