The Human Rights Campaign Reacts to Supreme Court Decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

HRC responded to the Supreme Court’s decision on Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, a case regarding whether taxpayer-funded foster care agencies can discriminate against LGBTQ people based on religious beliefs. In a 9-0 decision, the Court ruled that governments can enforce nondiscrimination laws as long as they do so neutrally, but that the city of Philadelphia was not neutral in its application of its nondiscrimination laws.

Equality Magazine: Winter 2021

A New Day for Equality

It is a new day in America. After an inspiring election, the White House and Congress are pro-equality and we are closer than ever before to achieving full equality under the law. But we can’t slow down as we cross the finish line, we must take action to realize our dreams and dismantle the systems of oppression. It is time to demand equality.

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