ACTIVATE: Building the Capacity of Leaders on the Frontlines

ACTIVATE: Building the Capacity of Leaders on the Frontlines

ACTIVATE is a professional development program designed for Black, Latinx TGNCNB, and POC community leaders with two years or more of advocacy and community organizing experience. ACTIVATE is an expanded version of the ELEVATE fellowship. ACTIVATE seeks to provide an in-depth and comprehensive training curriculum that addresses the core skills needed to advance access to leadership roles in the LGBTQ nonprofit sector. Participants will receive a stipend upon successful completion of the program.

We are excited to announce our ACTIVATE Fellows for 2020-21!


Dorcas Adedoja
New York, New York | They, Them, Theirs

Dag Berhanu
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania | He, Him, His/They, Them, Theirs

Micha Anne Cox
Lawrence, Kansas | She, Her, Hers

M. Chanel Carpenter
Plano, Texas | She, Her, Hers

Allyn Crooper
Hampton, Virginia | He, Him, His

Naomi Green
Garland, Texas | She, Her, Hers

Queen Hatcher-Johnson
Duluth, Georgia | No Pronouns

Keelan Johnson
Seattle, Washington | He, Him, His/She, Her, Hers/They, Them, Theirs

Lais Milburn
Austin, Texas | She, Her, Hers

Kayla Moore
San Francisco, California | She, Her, Hers

Samantha Rose Montemayor Morales
McAllen, Texas | She, Her, Hers

Sybastian Smith
Atlanta, Georgia | He, Him, His

Ash Tebar
Bronx, New York | He, Him, His/They, Them, Theirs

Mikah Thomas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | They, Them, Theirs/He, Him, His

Kim Watson
Bronx, New York | She, Her, Hers


Carter Brown
Dallas, Texas | He, Him, His

Mahogany Toney
Birmingham, Alabama | She, Her, Hers

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