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Transgender and non-binary people are our neighbors, co-workers, family members and friends, yet are facing a rising tide of stigma, hateful rhetoric and violence. It is time for us as…


Establishing an Allies/Safe Zone Program

In recent years we've seen more and more LGBTQ+ Ally organizations strive to make the culture of a campus or workplace more aware and accepting of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender…

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Glossary of Terms

Last updated: 5/31/2023

Many Americans refrain from talking about sexual orientation and gender identity or expression because it feels taboo, or because they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. This…

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HRC Women LEAD Summit: LEADing into the Future

We are excited to invite you to the Human Rights Campaign’s Annual Women LEAD Summit! The summit invitation is extended exclusively to women and non-binary people LEADing at HRC as…

Communities of Color, Allies, Capacity Building, Empowering Advocate Communities

HRC's AANHPI & Proud

Welcome to HRC’s AANHPI and Proud
Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders working with the Human Rights Campaign for full LGBTQ+ equality!

Allies, Capacity Building, Empowering Advocate Communities

HRC’s Women LEAD

Women LEAD began in 2018 as a targeted Federal Club and Federal Club Council initiative to strengthen and expand the roles of women in the HRC member community.
This program…

Communities of Color, Allies, Capacity Building, Empowering Advocate Communities

HRSí: HRC’s Latine Working Group

Who Are We?
HRSí is a working group of board members, staff, volunteers, and members that aim to center the experience of Latine LGBTQ+ people within HRC’s work and expand…

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Human Rights Campaign Foundation Overview

The HRC Foundation improves the lives of LGBTQ+ people by working to increase understanding and encouraging the adoption of LGBTQ+-inclusive policies and practices.


LGBTQ+ People and Sports

For millions of Americans, sport embodies our ideals of equality, fairness, perseverance, discipline and integrity. On the field, court or track, in the ring, on the ice, or in the…