Celebrating Queer Joy: Hear From Our Community

“You’re not alone.”

“Nobody else is as good at being you as you are.”

“Never give up.”

"I love you, kid. Stay strong."

"You are absolutely worthy of love."

"You are beautiful and amazing just the way you are.”

These are just a handful of the mantras found within the stories collected during June 2023, both in person at our phone booth in Washington D.C. and around the country through voicemails when answering the question “What would you tell a younger queer you?”

We offered an opportunity for members of our community to reflect on their queer journeys and to leave a message for their younger selves. These messages are filled with everything from joy and triumph to hardship and fear and they showcase our community’s ability to stay resilient despite living in a state of emergency.

Check out a collection of some of the voicemails from our community across the country!

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