Global Workplace Equality Programs

Since 2016, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation has been working with global businesses, regional consultants and advocates to ensure the inclusion and equality of LGBTQ+ employees in workplaces across the globe. Check out our in-country programs and information regarding new projects below


For more than two decades, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation has worked closely with corporate and civil society leaders, multinationals, corporations and stakeholders committed to promote the best policies and practices for LGBTQ+ employees nationwide. The HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the premier benchmarking tool on corporate policies, practices and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees that has fundamentally changed the way in which diversity and inclusion is implemented among top employers across the country.


As the nation’s driving force for LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, the success and trajectory of the CEI served as an inspiration to expand the mission and vision of the Foundation's Workplace Equality Program. In 2016 and 2018, HRC translated its long-standing experience and expertise to establish two in-country programs designed to promote LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion adapted to the social and cultural context of Mexico and Chile respectively. In 2021, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation expanded its LGBTI+ workplace inclusion efforts in Latin America to include Argentina and Brazil. Our Global Workplace Equality Programs were established to grow and promote LGBTI+ inclusion among companies and U.S. multinationals in Latin America and recognize businesses with the HRC Foundation's designation of “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality” or "Mejores Lugares Para Trabajar LGBTQ+" for their efforts to become inclusive workplaces.

Through HRC Equidad MX, CL, AR, and Equidade BR the HRC Foundation promotes the adoption of critical practices and policies that reflect the employer’s commitment to LGBTQ+ equality.



Equidad MX

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Equidad CL

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Equidade BR

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Equidad AR

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For a quick glance at our Equidad MX report's criteria, structure and requirements, click here.

Meet Our Team

RaShawn "Shawnie" Hawkins, SHRM-CP (she/her)

Director for the Workplace Equality Program at HRC Foundation

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Carlhey Bolz (she/her)

Deputy Director, Global Business Engagement for the Workplace Equality Program at HRC Foundation

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