HRC Equidad CL: Global Workplace Equality Program

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The HRC Equidad CL report is the leading workplace assessment designed to grow LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality across Chile.

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The Equidad CL 2023 Report is now available, view the full report here.


In 2018, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation extended its LGBT+ workplace inclusion efforts to South America, specifically, Chile. Our Global Workplace Equality Programs were established to grow and promote LGBTQ+ inclusion among national and U.S. multinational companies in Latin America and recognizes businesses with the HRC Foundation's designation of “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality” or Mejores Lugares Para Trabajar LGBTQ+ for their efforts to become inclusive workplaces.

In partnership with Fundación Iguales , Chile's largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group, the Global Workplace Equality team built upon the successful model of HRC Equidad MX to establish HRC Equidad Chile. Equidad CL will further recognize employers in Latin America who have demonstrated a commitment to LGBTQ+ equality by adopting crucial LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices for their employees.

76% Of participants in Chile

also participated in the survey in 2022

80% Of organizations reported having a diversity and inclusion policy implemented in Chile

while 20% declared that they were in the process of having a formalized policy in place

315,740 Total employees were impacted by participating Chilean businesses this year

of that number, 37% were employees at a business that achieved the highest score

Our Equidad CL 2023 Report Launch


The HRC Equidad CL survey assessed major Chilean businesses and multinational companies based on five core pillars of LGBTQ+ inclusion:

  1. Adoption of non-discrimination policies
  2. Creation of employee resource groups or diversity and inclusion councils
  3. LGBTQ+ Training and education
  4. Engagement in public activities to support LGBTQ+ inclusion
  5. Initiatives with an LGBTQ+ focus that are not obligatory through a legal framework

Our Team

  • RaShawn "Shawnie" Hawkins, SHRM-CP (she/her), Director, Workplace Equality Program

  • Carlhey Bolz (she/her), Deputy Director, Global Business Engagement

  • Emilio Maldonado (he/him), Implementing Partner

  • Javiera García (she/her), Implementing Partner

HRC Equidad CL & Pride Connection

Seven years ago, Fundación Iguales saw a need in Chile to focus on inclusive workspaces, connecting with several businesses looking to promote this work. This is how Pride Connection Chile was initiated. Pride Connection is a network of local companies and organizations that seek to achieve equality in the workplace through practices and policies. In 2019, Pride Connection and HRCF joined in partnership to implement Equidad CL. Equidad CL is a benchmarking tool that provides data, recommendations, and best practices to expand the number of workplaces free of discrimination specifically for the LGBTI+ community.

Published reports: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019.

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