HRC Equidad CL: Global Workplace Equality Program

See below to download the 2020 and 2019 HRC Equidad CL report, the leading workplace assessment designed to grow LGBTQ inclusion and equality across Chile.

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2020 HRC Equidad CL Report

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2019 HRC Equidad CL report

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After years of working with corporate partners, civil society leaders and Pride Connection in Latin America, HRC Foundation expanded its LGBTQ workplace inclusion efforts in the region by partnering with Fundación Iguales — Chile's largest LGBTQ advocacy group. The HRC Equidad CL: Global Workplace Equality Program was established in 2018 and designed to grow and promote LGBTQ inclusion among Chilean companies and U.S. multinationals in Chile.

In its first year, the program assessed more than 30 businesses and 15 of them were recognized with HRC Foundation's seal of "Best Places to Work for the LGBTQ Community" or "Mejores Lugares Para Trabajar LGBT." The Chilean-based initiative, inspired by HRC's annual Corporate Equality Index (CEI) — the national benchmarking tool on corporate LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices — has established guidelines and best practices among companies and multinationals to promote welcoming workplaces for LGBTQ employees. The initiative is HRC's first in-country program in South America and the second in Latin America following the successful model of HRC Equidad MX in Mexico.

"Businesses leaders in Chile are driving critical progress for our community by building workplaces that are inclusive and welcoming to all. I'm excited to see how HRC Equidad CL has been a powerful instrument for positive change in Chile and throughout the region. By advancing equality, more and more corporations are helping employees and economies thrive."

Alphonso David, HRC President


The HRC Equidad CL survey assessed major Chilean businesses and multinational companies based on three core pilars of LGBTQ inclusion:

  1. Adoption of non-discrimination policies
  2. Creation of employee resource groups or diversity and inclusion councils
  3. Engagement in public activities to support LGBTQ inclusion
  • In 2019, 15 companies earned the HRC Foundation recognition of "Mejores Lugares para Trabajar LGBT"

  • Jason Bricker, HRC Director of Corporate Relations, Milagros Chirinos, HRC Associate Director of Global Workplace Equality Program and Emilio Maldonado, HRC Equidad CL Implementing Partner

Following the unprecedented success of HRC's Corporate Equality Index in the U.S. — the national benchmarking tool on LGBTQ-inclusive corporate policies and practices — HRC's partnership with Fundación Iguales established the HRC Equidad CL program as the leading assessment in Chile to grow LGBTQ inclusion among businesses and corporations. Through HRC Equidad CL and HRC Equidad MX initiatives in Chile and Mexico, respectively, HRC Foundation continues to work with corporate and civil society leaders to expand its workplace inclusion efforts across the globe.


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