HRC Equidad MX: Global Workplace Equality Program

HRC's Equidad MX Report a first-of-its-kind assessment designed to increase LGBTQ-inclusion in workplaces across Mexico.

Read through our 2021 report, 2020 report, 2019 report and 2018 report, or contact us directly to participate.


Since its inception in 2016, the pioneering HRC Equidad MX: Global Workplace Equality Program has experienced outstanding success in promoting LGBTQ equality and inclusion among Mexican businesses and corporations. The initiative was designed to help employers become LGBTQ-inclusive by assessing corporate practices and policies through our annual survey. The results of the latest HRC Equidad MX Report attest to the unprecedented growth of the program; this year, a record number of companies were recognized with the HRC Foundation's designation of "Best Places to Work for the LGBTQ Community" or "Mejores Lugares para Trabajar LGBT," reflecting their ongoing commitment to LGBTQ equality and adoption of vital policies for LGBTQ employees.

"Promoting fundamental rights and welcoming workplaces for LGBT employees is not only in the interest of fairness — it is also smart for business, I am proud to witness the unprecedented positive change driven by HRC Equidad MX and the enthusiastic response of hundreds of business leaders who understand the critical importance and economic value of LGBT workplace inclusion in Mexico."

Alphonso David, HRC President


The HRC Equidad MX suvery assessed major Mexican businesses and multinational companies based on three core pilars of LGBTQ inclusion:

  1. Adoption of non-discrimination policies
  2. Creation of employee resource groups or diversity and inclusion councils
  3. Engagement in public activities to support LGBTQ inclusion
  • HRC Equidad MX group with 120 certified companies

  • HRC Equidad MX Implementing Partners Francisco Robledo and Fernando Velázquez

  • Beck Bailey, Director, HRC Workplace Equality Program


Following the unprecedented success of HRC's Corporate Equality Index in the U.S. — the national benchmarking tool on LGBTQ-inclusive corporate policies and practices — the HRC Foundation partnered with Alianza por la Inclusión y Diversidad Laboral (ADIL) in 2016 to establish the HRC Equidad MX program as the leading assessment in Mexico to grow LGBTQ inclusion among businesses and corporations. Through HRC Equidad MX and Equidad MX Business Council, the HRC Foundation continues to work with corporate and civil society leaders to expand its workplace inclusion efforts across the country. Request more information here and learn more about ADIL here.

HRC Equidad MX Business Council


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