Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Equidad MX Recognizes 298 Employers in Mexico For Their Commitment to LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Today, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRCF) launched the sixth annual HRC Equidad MX: Programa Global de Equidad Laboral, a survey evaluating LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion within major Mexican businesses and multinationals. This year, 252 employers have earned top ratings in the 2023 HRC Equidad MX report, and total participants have increased to 298 from last year’s total of 262, reflecting a growing commitment in Mexico to creating LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices in their workplaces. The HRC Foundation’s work in Mexico impacts more than 1.4 million employees currently working for inclusive employers nationwide and represents 38 different industries. LGBTQ+ affirming policies are a win-win: workers can achieve their full potential and employers reaffirm their commitment to treating all employees with dignity and respect.

The HRC Equidad MX program is modeled after HRC’s Corporate Equality Index -- the premier LGBTQ+ workplace equality benchmarking survey in the U.S. Top-scoring companies lead the way on LGBTQ+ inclusion and equity, and earn the HRC Foundation’s designation of “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality” or “Mejores Lugares para Trabajar LGBTQ+ 2023” for their commitment to creating inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ+ employees.

The groundbreaking progress and overall success of HRC’s Equidad MX is reflected in the rapidly-growing number of companies participating in the survey -- and achieving top ratings for LGBTQ+ workplace equality. In the survey’s inaugural year, 32 companies in Mexico -- including PEMEX, one of the largest employers in Latin America -- earned top ratings. That number jumped to 69 companies in 2019, 120 in the 2020 survey, 212 for the 2021 survey, and 242 for 2022. That has again increased to 252 this year. HRC Equidad MX seeks to continue to expand this network of inclusive employers throughout Mexico and beyond - notably, 119 companies achieved the maximum score in more than two of the countries where the HRC Foundation has this certification.

This year’s HRC Equidad MX Report assessed major Mexican businesses and multinational companies on several core pillars of LGBTQ+ inclusion:

  • Adoption of nondiscrimination policies,

  • Creation of employee resource groups or diversity and inclusion councils,

  • Internal LGBTQ+ training and educational best practices, and

  • Engagement in public activities to support LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Inclusive workplaces increase engagement and productivity, lift up disadvantaged communities, and help a business’s bottom line. Everyone wins - LGBTQ+ people, our co-workers and customers - when employers work to advance policies and practices focused on LGBTQ-inclusion and belonging. It’s the right business decision and it’s the right thing to do. HRC celebrates this year’s honorees for showing the way forward and we’re grateful to our implementing partners on the ground in Mexico for their collaboration and commitment to this work.

RaShawn Hawkins, Director of the HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program

This year’s results are truly inspiring. The growing number of businesses committed to promoting LGBTQ+-inclusive policies and practices in Mexico indicates that more and more corporate leaders understand and value the equity and benefits of inclusive workplaces. We continue to see growth—32% of this year’s participants are Mexican companies.

Fernando Velázquez, HRCF Equidad MX Implementing Partner

This year reflects the first major evolution of the program’s criteria and we were pleased with the progress. Corporate respondents were asked questions about their commitment to LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion education and training, an area in which is a great opportunity for growth.

Francisco Robledo, HRCF Equidad MX Implementing Partner

Through the CEI, Equidad MX, Equidad AR (Argentina), Equidade BR (Brazil) and Equidad CL (Chile) programs, the HRC Foundation’s work reaches more than 30.6 million employees worldwide by promoting LGBTQ+-inclusive policies, practices and benefits. These efforts complement the HRC Foundation’s Global Partnerships program, which supports the work of organizations and leaders throughout the world that advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

A full list of honorees is available here. For more information on HRC’s Workplace Equality Program in Mexico, please visit or send an email to

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