Human Rights Campaign Equidad MX Recognizes Record-Breaking 200+ Employers in Mexico For Their Commitment to LGBT Inclusion

by Alberto Morales

Today, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation launched its fourth annual HRC Equidad MX: Programa Global de Equidad Laboral, a survey evaluating LGBT workplace inclusion within major Mexican businesses and multinationals. This year, 212 employers have earned top ratings in the 2021 HRC Equidad MX report, a 77% increase over last year’s total of 120, reflecting a growing commitment in Mexico to creating LGBT-inclusive policies and practices in their workplaces.

In a year full of unprecedented challenges, amidst a global pandemic, the steadfast commitment to LGBT workplace inclusion in Mexico is truly inspiring. The entire Human Rights Campaign community is extremely proud to witness the remarkable progress and record number of businesses in Mexico committed to providing inclusive workplaces where LGBT workers can not only thrive, but achieve their full potential while being exactly who they are.

Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President

HRC President Alphonso David will deliver remarks at a virtual launch event today at 6PM CST. Interested parties can watch it live on our HRC Equidad MX YouTube Channel. The event will convene hundreds of corporate leaders, participating companies, civil society stakeholders and influencers to celebrate LGBT workplace inclusion and the historic progress achieved by the programmatic efforts of the HRC Foundation in Mexico.

The HRC Equidad MX program is modeled after HRC’s Corporate Equality Index -- the premier LGBTQ workplace equality benchmarking survey in the U.S. Top-scoring companies earn the HRC Foundation’s designation of “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality” or “Mejores Lugares para Trabajar LGBT” for their commitment to creating inclusive workplaces for LGBT employees.

The groundbreaking progress and overall success of HRC Equidad MX is reflected in the rapidly-growing number of companies participating in the survey -- and achieving top ratings for LGBT workplace equality. In the survey’s inaugural year, 32 companies in Mexico -- including PEMEX, one of the largest employers in Latin America -- earned top ratings. That number jumped to 69 companies in 2019, 120 in the 2020 survey, and 212 for the 2021 survey -- including 83 that are based in Mexico. HRC Equidad MX seeks to continue to expand this network of inclusive employers throughout Mexico.

The 2021 HRC Equidad MX Report assessed major Mexican businesses and multinational companies on three core pillars of LGBT inclusion:

  • Adoption of nondiscrimination policies
  • Creation of employee resource groups or diversity and inclusion councils
  • Engagement in public activities to support LGBT inclusion

Inclusive workplaces are good for morale and for the bottom line. If an employer wants to attract and retain the best workforce, then they must work hard to provide a workplace where its employees feel welcome and can reach their full potential. This is not only the right thing to do, it is also the best business decision. We celebrate this year’s honorees for leading the way in adopting workplace policies and practices to foster LGBT inclusion across Mexico.

Beck Bailey, Director of HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program.

This year’s results are truly inspiring. The growing number of businesses committed to promoting LGBT-inclusive policies and practices in Mexico indicates that more and more corporate leaders understand and value the fairness and benefits of inclusive workplaces: 39% of this year’s topscorers are Mexican companies. This is a huge milestone for LGBTQ inclusion efforts in Mexico and we hope that it is now serving as inspiration for other Latin American countries.

Francisco Robledo and Fernando Velázquez, HRC Equidad MX Implementing Partners

Earlier this year, HRC staff convened with corporate leaders and Mexican-owned businesses in Guadalajara and Monterrey to conduct a series of business workshops and promote LGBT workplace inclusion with employers outside of Mexico City. Throughout the year, the program was supported by the HRC Equidad MX Business Council, a group of leaders representing thirteen major employers in Mexico, that help mold strategies to further the existing workframe of the program across the country. Thirty-four of the companies awarded in this year’s edition participated in our HRC Equidad Mentorship program, an initiative created to foster support between veteran participants and new companies to ensure their success.

The work of the HRC Foundation in Mexico impacts approximately 1 million employees currently working for inclusive employers nationwide and represents 37 different industries.

Through the CEI, Equidad MX and Equidad CL programs, the HRC Foundation’s work reaches more than 30.6 million employees worldwide by promoting LGBT-inclusive policies, practices and benefits. These efforts complement the HRC Foundation’s Global program, which supports the work of organizations and leaders throughout the world that advocate for the rights of LGBT people.

For the full list of honorees, go here and for more information on HRC’s Workplace Equality Program in Mexico, please visit or send an email to and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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