Resources: Health & Aging

HIV and the LGBT Community
Blood Donations
Coming Out to Your Doctor
Debunking Common Myths about HIV
Debunking the Myths: Transgender Health and Well-Being
Equality Magazine
Family and Medical Leave Act: FMLA-Equivalent Benefit for LGBT Workers
Frequently Asked Questions About HIV
Get Insured - Affordable Care Act Resources for the LGBT Community
Health Care Proxy
Health Resources for Transgender Patients
Healthcare Equality Index: Default Surrogate Selection Laws
HIPAA and LGBT Healthcare Equality
HIV/AIDS and Employment Discrimination
HIV/AIDS Resource Guide
Hospital Visitation Guide for LGBT Families
How Do I Talk to my Provider about PrEP?
HRC and DocuBank®
HRC Endorses PrEP & Calls for Bold Action to Expand Access to Anti-HIV Drug
Is PEP Right for Me?
Is PrEP Right For Me?
Know Your Healthcare Rights
Last Will and Testament
Leaders in LGBT Healthcare Equality
LGBT-Inclusive Intake Forms
Living Will
Policy and Position Statements on Conversion Therapy
Praise for HRC’s “What Do I Do? A Handbook To Understanding Health and HIV”
Protecting Your Visitation & Decision-Making Rights
Request a Copy of the HEI Report
Revisiting Your Hospital’s Visitation Policy
Safer Sex Guide
Same-Sex Parents and Consent for Treatment of a Minor
Sexual Assault and the LGBT Community
Standards for Credit on the MEI
Surrogate Medical Decision-Making and the LGBT Community
The Lies and Dangers of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity
The Presidential Memorandum Regarding Hospital Visitation and Decision-Making
Transgender Affirming Hospital Policies
Transgender Patient Services & Support: Resources for Providers and Hospital Administrators
Transgender People and HIV: What We Know
What the Affordable Care Act Means for LGBT People and Their Families