Healthcare Facility Search Key

In this online database of healthcare facilities, there five different types of facilities listed.

HEI 2020 Participants

These are the 765 healthcare facilities that actively participated in the Healthcare Equality Index survey. All survey participants receive a score between 5 to 100 as determined by which HEI criteria they meet and how many LGBTQ policies and practices they have in place. Their scorecards will show their overall score as well as how they scored in each criteria section of the survey. See below for our HEI 2020 survey methodology.

Non-scored Hospitals

Over 1000 other hospitals are listed in the database because they were either researched or previously participated in the HEI survey. These hospitals do not receive a score and their scorecard will only include information about whether or not they have the foundational policies found in Criteria Section 1 in place. These facilities will show a gray box with an “N/A” instead of the yellow box with an active score--be sure to click into their listing to review their Foundational policies.


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