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Our Mission

The transgender community is beautiful, strong and one of the most resilient in the LGBTQ+ community. HRC's Transgender Justice Initiative works with community-based advocates across the country to make impactful changes for trans people. Together we combat stigma and discrimination, help end trans violence and HIV, promote sexual health and equity, and provide access to work opportunities, professional development and education.

Telling Our Stories

Ciora Thomas: Serving and Advocating for my Local Black Trans Community

Reflecting on the Early HIV Crisis

HRC's Tori Cooper reflects on living as a Black trans woman in the early HIV crisis, a loss of a generation of leaders and the advancement of treatment.

Trans Talks

With Trans Talks, we are coming together to grow our trans community and define our own future using our own voices. RuPaul Drag Race’s Jasmine Kennedie, Kornbread and actress Monroe Alise recently joined HRC to talk about Pride, visibility and coming out.

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Celebrating Trans Changemakers

We uplift the stories of our leadership fellows and grant partners to help establish more positive representation, build our community and combat transphobia, stigma and anti-trans violence. When we share our stories we create opportunities to establish prosperity and progress.

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Developing Our Leaders


An annual fellowship that advances the leadership of transfeminine people by effectively increasing their personal and professional development, particularly in navigating and improving social and public health systems.

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An annual professional development fellowship designed for trans and non-binary leaders of color. Through Activate fellows become leaders in advocacy and community organizing.

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Keeping Our Community Safe

Healthy Sex for Trans Bodies

Through messages of sex positivity, public education, and by ensuring our trans communities and Spanish-speaking communities have equitable access to care, we will build a generation free of HIV and stigma. We will end the HIV epidemic in the trans community.

Embrace Your Sexual Health

Free Lyft Rides for Public Safety

In partnership with Lyft and trans-focused community-based organizations, HRC is offering free Lyft rides in select cities for medical appointments, job interviews, and more. Since 2020, this partnership has provided nearly $100k in free Lyft rides to the trans and non-binary. Coming soon: see if you qualify, find local partners in your area, and take advantage.

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State Laws and Trans Communities

With a record number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills on track to be considered in 2022, we are at the frontlines fighting back against transphobia and pushing for pro-LGBTQ+ legislation that will ensure we have the same equal rights and protection as other protected classes.

Know Your Rights

Embrace Your Sexuality

We're building a generation free of HIV and stigma. Embrace sex positivity with My Body, My Health campaign. Are you in?

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