HRC Foundation Will Award $20,000 to Trans Communities

by Curtis Clinch

HRC’s Transgender Justice Initiative (TJI) will award $20,000 to organizations and individuals who work to advance equality for trans communities in their area.

Each grantee will receive $1,000 to continue their work at the local level. Special considerations for TJI’s 2023-24 spotlight cities: Chicago, IL; Colorado Springs, CO; Detroit, MI; Houston, TX; Milwaukee, WI; and Miami & Jacksonville, FL. For the June 2023 grants cycle.

The deadline to apply is May 14, 2023 and grants will be awarded nationally in June. Apply below or visit

In advance of the application deadline, we need your help to make sure this opportunity makes it to as many folks as possible. Please share in your networks! (especially those contacts with connections in our spotlight cities) The link to apply is and if folks have questions or additional needs they can email to reach our TJI team.

Our goal is to build ties between HRC, the communities we serve, and local stakeholders. Together, we will partner with community-based activists across the country to combat discrimination, advance meaningful solutions to the challenges facing community members, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of transgender and non-binary people.

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