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Transgender and non-binary people are your neighbors, co-workers, family members and friends. And when you or your friends and family are the targets of hate, violence and discrimination, you act.

Count Me In

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The Human Rights Campaign is actively working to advocate for the rights and lives of the transgender and non-binary community –– but we all must do more –– can we count you in?

As LGBTQ+ people and allies, we have a responsibility to fight for EVERYONE in our movement. Now is the time to get loud, get visible, and spread awareness on behalf of transgender and non-binary people. So please take the actions below – but don’t stop there. The more people who show they care, including allies and trans and non-binary people who speak up for the most marginalized in our community, the more hearts and minds we will change.

Take Action With Us

Sign the Pledge and Impact Change

The first step in voicing your support for the trans and non-binary community is to sign your name to the Count Me In pledge. By taking this action, you’re sending a message that you vow to go out of your way to raise awareness and uplift the lives of our trans and non-binary friends and family.

Count Me In

Contact State Legislators

State legislatures are attacking LGBTQ+ folks, particularly trans people, left and right. Show anti-equality legislators that we won’t tolerate any more bullying and discrimination.

Speak Out

Transgender Myths & Facts

The debates in state legislatures across the country have filled with misconceptions and lies. With this FAQ, we hope to clear up myths about the transgender community and explain the nuances of what's being discussed.

Learn more

Corporate Voices

Corporate social responsibility means companies must integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with stakeholders. In its most basic form, that means they must support their employees, stakeholders and consumers being treated fairly under law.

Take A Stand

Request and Show Off Your Sticker

Display your special edition HRC sticker on your car, laptop, water bottle — no matter where you put it, you’ll be saying you support our trans community.

Request a Sticker

Spread the Word On Social Media

Post these image shares on your social media channels and update your profile photos and let your networks know you believe in a more just and equitable world for trans folks — full stop.

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Provide Inclusive Books to an At-Need Library

Your contribution will provide a set of three books to a Title 1 school or community library serving multiply marginalized populations across the country.

Donate Now

Share a Voice Message of Support

State legislatures are targeting trans kids. Text HEART to 472-472 to share a public message of support for trans youth and show you’re fighting for them.
(Msg&dataratesmayapply. Recurring msgs. TxtSTOP2quit. HELP4info.)

Let Kids Play

Rebekah is a 14-year-old girl who loves school, reading, hanging out with her friends and playing field hockey. But lawmakers across the country are trying to pass laws that would prohibit Rebekah from playing sports with other girls.

Meet Rebekah

Wear Your Support

From T-shirts to pins to socks to masks, you can show off your support for trans equality no matter where you are, who you're with or what you're doing.


Transgender Justice eNewsletter

Stay up to date on our Transgender Justice Initiative and what we're doing to dismantle stigma and end the epidemic of violence against trans and gender non-conforming people.

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10-year-old transgender girl named Maya

What Trans-Affirming Care for Youth Actually Means

Maya is an outgoing 11-year-old who loves spending time with her family. Gender-affirming care allows her to be the person she’s always been.

Meet Maya

This is about more than words on paper; this is about taking action, fighting back and showing up in a real way for trans people every chance we get. This is about turning our solidarity as LGBTQ+ people and allies into our collective power and putting in the work to advance justice. Together, we can transform the world.

See trans and non-binary folks, every day.

The PSA campaign aims to combat anti-trans stigma through stories about our community. Those featured in the campaign include Dominique Jackson, Tori Cooper, Nakiya Lynch, Alexis Abarca, Sybastian Smith and Brandi Smith.

  • Play the Video Let Us Play

    Trans kids want to play sports for the same reasons all kids do: to be part of a team, to learn discipline, and above all, to have fun with their friends. But lawmakers across the country are trying to pass laws that would ban trans youth from participating in school sports.

  • Play the Video What Trans-Affirming Care for Youth Actually Means

    Maya is an outgoing 11-year-old who loves spending time with her family. Gender-affirming care allows her to be the person she’s always been — but many states are trying to prevent Maya and other trans kids from accessing these medically necessary, life-saving resources.

  • Play the Video Trans Kids Need Our Support

    The Equality Act would help young people like Adelyn, who is fighting for the right to be treated the same as any other kid.

  • Play the Video How Cis People Can Be Good Accomplices

    "See me as you see your family member. See me as you see your newborn child. See me as you see yourself."

  • Play the Video How House Music Helped Her Find Community

    Through love and loss, her love of house music has always helped Tori Cooper find family and community.

  • Play the Video See Us

    Trans and non-binary folks need support now more than ever before. See us, every day.

  • Play the Video Alexis Found Herself and Became a Trans Leader

    Alexis Abarca was bullied so badly in high school that she stopped going altogether. Only after she came out as transgender did she become her authentic self. Now she's on a mission to give back to the community that helped her on her own journey.

  • Play the Video How One Teen Fought an Anti-Trans Bill and Won

    A South Dakota bill would have criminalized the doctor-patient relationship by banning doctors from prescribing vital medications to trans youth. Quinncy decided to fight back.

  • Play the Video Trans and Non-Binary Folks on Dating

    Transgender women and non-binary people of color describe their experiences with dating.

  • Play the Video Trans Youth Describe What It Means To Be a Friend

    Anxiety. Fear. Loneliness. Feelings that too many transgender youth are experiencing across the country.

  • Play the Video Genderqueer Writer Nakiya on Finding Joy in Words

    Nakiya Lynch finds everyday joy in words. The genderqueer writer and activist was put into foster care after coming out, but has taken charge of their destiny, writing their own ending to their story.

  • Play the Video Alexandra Billings - HRC Houston Dinner 2022

    Actress and activist Alexandra Billings speaks at Human Rights Campaign's Houston dinner. As an openly transgender actress playing a transgender role on television, Billings was part of the infancy of Hollywood’s trans revolution.

  • Play the Video HRC Youth Report: Trans Teens on Using Bathroom at School

    Our 2018 LGBTQ+ Youth Report found that 51% of transgender youth can never use the restroom or locker room at school that matches their gender identity.

  • Play the Video What Does the World Without the Gender Binary Look Like?

    Trans women and non-binary people of color discuss how the world would be if we didn't have the gender binary.

  • Play the Video Three Kisses

    Sybastian Smith found love with Brandi. Now the dynamic duo can’t live without the three kisses they share every day.

  • Play the Video Gender Reveals

    Trans women and non-binary people of color discuss the concept of "gender reveals."

  • Play the Video "I still have hope."

    We joined activist Samantha Rose Montemayor Morales to honor those killed due to hate and stigma and rededicate ourselves to building a world where all transgender people are treated with dignity.

  • Play the Video Dominique Jackson at the HRC National Dinner

    “Pose” star Dominique Jackson receives the National Equality Award at the 23rd Annual HRC National Dinner.

  • Play the Video What You Need To Know About Microsaggressions

    Trans and non-binary people of color have to confront microaggressions on multiple levels.