Celebrating Changemakers: Stories from the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2022

Produced by the HRC Foundation

Read from our small grant recipients and ACTIVATE and ELEVATE fellows in their own words.

For the over 2 million transgender and non-binary people in the U.S., many of whom identify as either Black or Latinx, programs like Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s ACTIVATE & ELEVATE are incredibly dire as the community continues to endure brusque attacks, discrimination and transphobia.

Sharing their experiences and reading their stories helps us establish more positive representation, build our community and combat transphobia, stigma and anti-trans violence while also creating opportunities to establish prosperity and progress.

CJ Moseley Jr. (He/Him) is the Co-Founder and CFO at Trans Across Atlanta. This nonprofit organization provides resources for the transgender community in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Trans Across Atlanta assists people with finding information about physical & mental health needs, living situations and meals. CJ is a 2021/2022 HRC ACTIVATE fellow.

Syria Jackson is a long-time Transgender activist, Public Health Prevention Specialist and Counselor and serves as the President of the Board of Directors for the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans and is a member of the Transgender Law Center's Black Trans Circles Steering Committee. Syria has over 20 years as a service representative advocating for disadvantaged youth and consistently providing aid in New Orleans and surrounding communities. Syria is a 2020 ELEVATE Fellow, 3/21 Small Grantee, and Ballroom TransTalk Participant.

Nyla Foster is a Black woman of Trans experience, Organizational Strategist, and Trans & Youth advocate. She has been living in her truth since the age of 14 and is well known within the Kansas City LGBTQIA community. She is the current Miss Black Trans International and a former: Miss Missouri State, Miss Black Trans Kansas, Miss Kansas City Black Pride, and Miss Kansas City Gay Pride. Nyla currently facilitates the Kansas City Transgender Empowerment Program (KCTEP), a program open to all transgender and gender non-conforming people focusing on access to healthcare, legal services, employment, education, and safety.

For more information on HRC’s work with our transgender community, visit hrc.org/transgender.

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