ELEVATE for Trans Justice 2023

The ELEVATE Fellowship advances the leadership of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) femmes of trans experience through peer connection and by investing in their professional development and leadership skills. Through the program, participants help HRC and local communities address key issues such as the HIV epidemic, sexual health, anti-trans violence, trans-specific state laws, and job opportunities for trans communities.

This year our ELEVATE cohort will:

  • Come together with other trans leaders in the spirit of movement-building and support

  • Share stories and experiences through our “Trans Talks” series

  • Lift up the full trans experience through storytelling l highlighting the beauty, depth and strength of our community. Together we will educate the world on what it means to be trans and proud.

  • Join influencers, advocates and leaders in celebrating our community.

  • Work with our transgender justice initiative and our political team to address trans-specific laws and policies.

  • Activate through digital channels for serving college students especially HBCUs and work with our HIV and Healthy team to help end the epidemic for trans communities.

  • Support our Lyft Program which offers free rides for members of the trans communities.

  • As necessary, work and lead on public speaking engagements.

  • Attend two virtual summits where we focus on self-reflection and peer-to-peer relationship-building.

  • Attend our in-person summit where we will share space, forge new connections, and build new skills for the next generation of trans leaders.

See Our 2023 Cohort

  • Sunshine Goodman (she/her) North Charleston, SC
  • Ahmea Branch (she/her) Lindenwold, NJ
  • Alexis Jimenez (she/her) San Francisco, CA
  • Amariah Hardwick (she/her) St. Louis, MO
  • Angie Tamayo Leon (they & she) Union City, NJ
  • Antiona Bowman (she & they) Richmond, VA
  • Elle Halo (she/her) Milwaukee, WI
  • Goddess Tyescha (they/them) Colorado Springs, CO
  • Jasmine Lopez (she/her) Bronx, NY
  • Karina Harris (she/her) Birmingham, AL
  • Maya Luna (she/her) Charlotte, NC
  • Nakysha Hoskins (she/her) Jonesboro, GA

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Learn more about the program's impact through the experiences of existing cohort members and alumni from ELEVATE.

Celebrating Changemakers

Our changemakers share their experiences with TJI's programs, and the impact these programs have had on their daily lives. We share their stories not only to uplift their successes, but also to ensure there are positive representations of the transgender and non-binary community and its resiliency, further combating transphobia, stigma, and anti-trans violence.

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