Parents for Transgender Equality National Council

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The HRC National Parents for Transgender Equality Council is made up of a small but mighty, diverse segment of the thousands of parents out there who, every day, are modeling love, acceptance, and affirmation for their trans children, and by extension, all trans children.

All across this country, parents are taking action to support and protect their transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive children. They are urging school leaders to implement gender-inclusive policies, they are meeting with elected officials, and they are sharing their stories with neighbors, friends and other community members with the hope of changing hearts and minds. The Council represents families in meetings with elected officials, at conferences, and in the media, and works with leading experts to create resources that all families can use to support their children at home, at school, and in healthcare settings.

We need YOU to extend that work in your communities as part of our Parents Network to share resources and to encourage others to educate themselves about transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth so that they can become better allies.

Meet our current Parents for Transgender Equality National Council!

  • Dahn (she/her) and Alimi (he/him) Ballad | California

  • Lisa (she/her) and Jeff (he/him) Stanton | Colorado

  • Jennifer Solomon (she/her) | Florida

  • Jennifer Slipakoff (she/her) | Georgia

  • Sonia Murphy (she/her) | Maryland

  • Keisha (she/her) and Sean (he/his) Bell | Maryland

  • Megan and Paul Kongaika | Montana

  • Stephen Chukumba (he/him) | New Jersey

  • Isolda A. and Enrique Perez Grovas | New Jersey

  • Mikael (he/him) and Melissa (she/her) McLaren | Ohio

  • Reema (she/her) and Rahul (he/him) Deshmukh

Add Your Name to Our Growing List of Parent Advocates!

There are many ways to engage in our work — from large to small, publicly to privately. We invite you to fill out the form below to join our Parents for Transgender Equality National Network, a growing body of folks who are able and willing to participate in various levels of public education and advocacy, or who just want to stay more informed and engaged.

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