Tools for equality and inclusion.

Our goal at the Human Rights Campaign is to ensure that every LGBTQ+ person is free to live their life openly, with their equal rights ensured. We know that goal requires that we keep educating, supporting and inspiring ourselves and each other. In the spirit of that continual growth, we’ve compiled information and advice on a range of topics, including resources from the HRC Foundation.

Featured Resource

Is PrEP Right For Me?

PrEP is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, a once-daily pill that reduces the risk of acquiring HIV. It is an FDA-approved prescription medication.

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Health & Aging

Healthcare Facilities Search

Use this tool to find healthcare facilities near you that are evaluated in the Healthcare Equality Index. The HEI 2022 features more than 2200 healthcare facilities nationwide, including those that actively took the HEI 2022 survey as well as those that were researched by the HRC Foundation. Learn more about the types of facilities in this search Learn more About Healthcare Facilities Search


Enter the name of a healthcare facility or search by state, city, or zip code to find healthcare facilities in your area.

Laws & Legislation

Municipality Database

There are many ways that cities can — and do — support their LGBTQ+ residents and employees. The Municipal Equality Index was designed by the HRC Foundation to help residents learn how inclusive their city's laws and policies are of LGBTQ+ people. Find your locality’s score here. Learn more About Municipality Database


Search by city, state, ZIP or county to find your municipality.


Employer Search

Search companies, municipalities and healthcare facilities to see how they rate on HRC’s Corporate, Municipal and Healthcare Equality Indices — benchmarks of LGBTQ-inclusive policies, practices and benefits of our nation's employers. Learn more About Employer Search


Enter the name of a company or search by state, city, or zip code to see how companies, municipalities and healthcare facilities support their LGBTQ workers.