As more and more transgender people share their stories, the public’s understanding of gender identity and expression builds. HRC works to educate the public and provide a range of resources on issues that transgender and gender nonconforming people face—from workplace discrimination, to securing identity documents, to finding culturally competent healthcare, to family and parenting issues, to combating violence—and to advocate for full inclusion and equality.

Trans Visibility Matters

Transgender poll

A new survey commissioned by HRC shows a significant uptick in the number of Americans who know someone who is transgender, and a corresponding increase in favorable feelings toward transgender people.

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Transgender Children & Youth

Jazz Trans Youth

HRC is committed to providing the kinds of resources children, families and other youth-serving professionals need to support one another in their journeys.

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Understanding the Trans Community

Pride Flag; Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Transgender people come from all walks of life. We are dads and moms, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. We are your coworkers, and your neighbors. While visibility is increasing we still face discrimination, stigma and inequality.

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Anti-Transgender Violence

Anti-Trans Violence

Read our issue brief detailing the violence facing transgender people and solutions that can be pursued to address the national crisis.

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Transgender People & HIV

global AIDS awareness banner

This research brief highlights what we know about HIV and transgender people in the United States.

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Reporting On Trans People?

Reporting About Transgender People

This guide is intended to serve as a primer, a starting point for reporters committed to telling the stories of transgender people accurately and humanely.

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Transgender FAQ

Transgender advocate Meghan Stabler

Do all trans people transition the same way? What does cisgender mean? Can someone be fired for being transgender?

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Transgender Inclusion

HRC HBCU Leadership Summit alum L'lerret

Learn what HRC is doing to bring transgender issues and rights to the forefront in our workplaces, schools, hospitals and places of worship.

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