The number of LGBT-headed families continues to grow, as does our need to secure legal equality, fairness and respect for LGBT parents and to provide environments where all children are welcome, supported and loved. HRC provides current resources that address the many potential paths to parenthood as well as tools for issues facing LGBT-headed families or LGBT youth.

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Find gay parenting and adoption resources

Review adoption FAQs and tips for finding agencies that are inclusive of LGBT families.

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LGBT family; learn more about same-sex parenting

Learn the basics of the surrogacy process including considerations for choosing a surrogate and legal issues.

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Navigating School

HRC's Welcoming Schools program helps build LGBT-inclusive classrooms

Download helpful LGBT-inclusive resources for parents, educators and school administrators from HRC's Welcoming Schools project.

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Talking to Kids

Gay parent talks to her daughter

Get the language and information you need to talk about LGBT family issues with kids in an age appropriate way.

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