Emergency Funds for Relocating and Supporting Families and Transgender Individuals

Produced by the HRC Foundation

LGBTQ+ Americans Fight Back: Emergency Funds for Relocating and Supporting Families and Transgender Individuals

We are maintaining a list of resources and organizations that may provide emergency funding to individuals and families impacted by anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, to relocate or to access care or services outside of your current state of residence. Many of the organizations are new and are only taking applications at this time.

We can not confirm that funding is always available, and applicants may have to meet certain criteria or meet other requirements to be eligible. This is not an exhaustive list, so please consider other avenues for researching emergency funds, such as through Facebook and other social media groups, your local community centers, progressive faith communities, etc.

  • The Transcend Campaign The Transcend Campaign is a regional response to legislation in the upper Midwest. Their goal is to support transportation costs for queer youth from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa to receive necessary and life-saving healthcare out-of-state, cover tuition costs for remote schools that are welcoming to all gender identities in cases where students' local districts are not safe spaces for transgender and queer youth, and provide small cash grants to other organizations doing groundwork in those states.

  • Elevated Access Elevated Access is an organized effort of volunteer pilots who believe that everyone deserves access to healthcare such as abortion services and gender-affirming care. Because of these beliefs, they transport passengers — at no cost — to access the healthcare they need.

  • Transitional JusticeTransitional Justice is a grassroots organization founded by a transgender man in Missouri this year in response to the bans of gender-affirming healthcare across the country. Its purpose is to provide aid, housing, and other support for transgender political refugees who are fleeing persecution.

  • TRANSportTRANSport is a newly formed non-profit organization, founded by two transgender activists in North Dakota. Their goal is to help transgender people who want to leave the country get up-to-date legal documents, such as IDs with accurate genders and passports, and ultimately to assist with applications for work visas and asylum claims.

  • A Place for MarshaA Place for Marsha is a newly founded organization whose mission is to facilitate safe housing for transgender and non-binary individuals leaving states with transphobic laws. Their goal is to connect trans people aged 18+ with volunteers in safe states who are willing to be their roommates.

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