New Data From The HRC Foundation Finds The LGBTQ+ Community Has A High Vaccination Rate

New data released by the Human Right Campaign Foundation titled "LGBTQ+ Health Equity & COVID-19: Vaccines, Boosters and Pathways to Positive Long-Term Health" shows, for the first time, that LGBTQ+ respondents are more likely to have received a booster shot than the general population, with a supermajority (79%) reporting they had received a COVID-19 booster vaccination.

In addition, continuing trends reported in an earlier study vaccination rates among LGBTQ+ respondents remain substantially higher than in the general population, with 93% of respondents in the sample reporting being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Though Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) LGBTQ+ individuals continue to report lower vaccination rates than that of their white LGBTQ+ peers, this gap is small, with 92% or more of each racial/ethnic group reporting being fully vaccinated.

The following research presents results from the survey developed in partnership between the HRC Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Community Marketing and Insights, or CMI.

The data come from the second of three waves in a longitudinal survey of 1,688 LGBTQ+ adults throughout the United States. To date, two waves have been conducted: one in July 2021, enrolling 1,688 LGBTQ+ adult participants, results of which were detailed in a brief released in November 2021. The second wave, which is the focus of this brief, was conducted in February 2022, and enrolled 1,310 participants, or 78% of the original group of 1,688. A third wave will be conducted in late March/early April 2022.

On vaccination rates, the data shows that over nine in ten, or 93%, of respondents are fully vaccinated, defined as receiving both doses of a two-dose vaccine (85%) or one dose of the single-dose vaccine (8%). Furthermore:

  • 93% are fully vaccinated
  • 3% are partially vaccinated, having 3% received only the first dose of two-dose vaccine.
  • 4% are unvaccinated and have not received any vaccine doses.

Among the vaccinated LGBTQ+ respondents, a supermajority (79%) have received a booster shot. The remaining of vaccinated respondents breaks down as follows:
  • 15% planned to receive one

  • 2% had booked an appointment to receive one

  • 4% not planning to receive one.

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LGBTQ+ Health Equity & COVID-19: Vaccine, Boosters and Pathways To Positive Long-Term Health

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