Global Programs

In spite of progress in recent years, all over the world LGBTQ+ people still face harassment, legal and societal discrimination and exclusion, violence, and sometimes death. 68 countries criminalize same-sex sexual conduct, and in up to nine countries, this may be punishable by death. Broad-ranging anti-LGBTQ+ laws and policies inhibit advocacy and organizing by imposing restrictions on civil society in many more countries.

HRC coordinates across multiple programs to provide public education, capacity building, legal expertise, and programmatic support for LGBTQ+ advocates and allies around the world. Our partnership programs are offered across a global network of 180 LGBTQ+ organizations and leaders in 90 countries around the world.

Areas of Focus

Advocate for an inclusive U.S. Foreign Policy

Respond to Progress and Setbacks for LGBTQ+ People Worldwide

Increase legal protections for LGBTQ+ communities