Global Partnerships in Innovative Advocacy

Produced by the HRC Foundation

The goal of the Global Partnerships program is to help strengthen the equality movement in countries around the world through more effective advocacy, campaigning, organizing and outreach.

We work with a global network of almost 200 LGBTQ+ organizations and leaders in 100 countries around the world.


HRC Global Partnerships program offers capacity-building and strategic planning opportunities to selected organizations that are working to improve the lives of their LGBTQ+ communities. Based on four decades of lessons learned in the U.S. and around the world, HRC Global provides workshops and trainings to help organizations develop creative and innovative plans to move their programs and movements to the next level. We work with partners to:

  • Strategize the best way forward

  • Decide on a specific course of action

  • Create comprehensive yet manageable plans to achieve their desired outcomes

  • Advise on how to resource, launch and implement these plans


This program is only open to current and former HRC Global Innovators and HRC Global Fellows who form our Global Alumni Leadership Network. Through this network, we work with a wide range of LGBTQ organizations, across regions and issues. We select organizations that are established, have a structure that can support a process of creating and implementing plans, have accountability mechanisms and a successful track record of conducting innovative programs.

Program Goals:

Our current focus is on helping organizations develop plans for building networks of allies. We also build capacity in increasing visibility through campaigns and outreach, creating networks of influencers, changing hearts and minds, creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people at work, engaging businesses and creating political and legal change.

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