Global Alumni Network

The HRC Global Alumni Network is made up of more than 180 advocates for LGBTQ+ equality from over 90 countries around the world. Members of our network are leaders in their respective LGBTQ+ communities and work across the spectrum of LGBTQ+ issues. The purpose of the network is for HRC global partners to stay connected, share their stories, and to continue their involvement with HRC.

To join the network, advocates must participate in either the Global Innovative Advocacy Summit or Global Partnerships in Innovative Advocacy

Members of the network are invited to take part in further capacity building, leadership development, strategic planning, and financial support through HRC Global programs such as Global Partnerships in Innovative Advocacy and HRC's Global Small Grants program. 

HRC also works with members of the alumni network on advocacy efforts, amplifying global news, and provides scholarships for members to attend regional and international LGBTQ+ conferences.

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