Foreclosure and Eviction Among LGBTQ+ Adults

Produced by the HRC Foundation

Many LGBTQ+ people experience homelessness at some point in their lifetime. Previous research suggests that LGBTQ+ people could comprise 20% to 40% of the homeless population. LGBTQ+ youth are also disproportionately more likely to experience homelessness and housing insecurity than their cisgender and straight peers.

Using data from the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey and the Human Rights Campaign/University of Connecticut 2022 LGBTQ+ Teen Study, this report explores foreclosure and eviction among adults, which increase risk of homelessness and housing insecurity. A considerable amount of time is spent discussing the role of household income on foreclosure and eviction risk as well as upstream determinants of youth experiences.


Precursors to Homelessness: An Economic Analysis of Foreclosure and Eviction Risk Among LGBTQ+ People

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