In Attendence

LGBTQ+ students of all ages deserve to be in attendance as their most authentic selves as they return to their individual learning environments. Our “In Attendance'' campaign is designed to empower LGBTQ+ students to do just that.

We’ve got the resources. We’ve got the tools.

This school year, the Human Rights Campaign and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation–along with a supportive network of parents, educators and allies– are helping LGBTQ+ students everywhere proudly declare themselves ‘in attendance’ in their classroom settings. Amidst a national declaration of emergency due to an infuriating onslaught of discriminatory legislation, much of which directly targets LGBTQ+ youth, and efforts from extremist politicians attempting to erase and silence our voice and history, we are championing the academic success and overall well-being of LGBTQ+ students in the country.

In Attendance

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Our fight for equal rights for all LGBTQ+ Americans includes LGBTQ+ students of all ages. Recently, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program expanded its work to now include middle and high schools. By doing so, we’re helping to create inclusive and affirming classroom and learning environments for all LGBTQ+ students. Learn more about our Welcoming Schools program.

Empowering LGBTQ+ Students

LGBTQ+ students of all ages deserve to learn and thrive in learning environments that are inclusive and affirming of their identities. Whether they’re in K-12 classrooms or at college or university campuses, they deserve to be in attendance as their most authentic selves, allowing their queer identities to shine bright.

They also deserve to have the right resources and tools to advocate for themselves. We’re committed to helping LGBTQ+ students feel more confident and empowered

Check out these resources designed with LGBTQ+ students in mind:

LGBTQ+ Student Scholarships

To help LGBTQ+ college students fully be in attendance as their most authentic selves, we’ve built a scholarship database to connect them to opportunities for financial support. This database holds over 400 available scholarships and other financial opportunities for students in the LGBTQ+ community to receive financial aid.

HBCU Health Center Directory

Data shows that 1 in 5 new HIV diagnoses are among young people between the ages of 13 and 24 years old, with Black and Latinx youth accounting for most. To address this phenomenon, it is vital that we support, educate and empower campuses to lead in the fight to prevent the spread of HIV among its students and community, including those attending HBCUs.
Check out our HBCU Health Directory to access health resources on your campus.

IG LIVE: “In Attendance: Why It Is Important For LGBTQ+ Youth To Show Up As Their Most Authentic Selves”

This IG Live will feature prominent and influential LGBTQ+ folks and allies who’ll speak to the importance of LGBTQ+ youth showing up as their most authentic selves to their respective learning environments. Participants will be determined soon.

Moderated by: HRC’s Ted Lewis, Director of Youth Well-Being Program
August 30, 2023 at 6 PM EST

Supporting Parents of LGBTQ+ Students and Youth

Parents of LGBTQ+ students play an important supportive role in their empowerment and development. Through the right resources and tools, parents can help their LGBTQ+ children thrive in many social settings, including classrooms and learning environments. We’re here to help them do just that.

Check out these parent-centric resources:

A Resource for Black Parents, Family Members and Caregivers of Black Transgender, Non-Binary and LGB Youth

Parents and caregivers of Black trans and non-binary children navigate the compounded challenges of helping their children thrive as both LGBTQ+ and Black youth. This resource can help you better understand your child’s needs. It speaks to your family’s experience while observing both gender and race.

NonBinary FAQ

Does your child identify as a non-binary, gender fluid or gender-expansive youth? Our FAQ resource for parents and caregivers can help you better understand your child’s identity.

Key Findings for Parents & Caregivers

Our 2023 Youth Report includes insightful findings about the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ youth in school, homes and other areas of life. We’ve compiled key findings all parents and caregivers should know along with action steps they can take to better support the LGBTQ+ youth in their lives.

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Participate in this year’s Parents Week of Action!

A week-long initiative connecting parents and caregivers to ways they can speak up against discrimination and hate in classrooms, helping make all learning environments safe and inclusive.

Brought to you by the Greater Than Hate Coalition–a collective movement composed of eight of the country’s leading human rights and equality organizations

Resources for Educators and Youth-Serving Professionals

To truly feel empowered and affirmed in learning environments, LGBTQ+ students need the support of their educators and youth-serving professionals such as counselors and administrators. By being LGBTQ+ component, educators and youth-serving professionals can support LGBTQ+ students thrive in their learning environments.

If you’re an educator and/or a youth-serving professional, we’ve got resources and tools that can help you be there for your students:


Welcoming School's 2023 Back-to-School Toolkit

Ensure that you and your classroom environment are inclusive and affirming of an array of identities with the help of our Back-to-School toolkit. In it, you’ll find resources, guides and educational content, all designed to prevent bias based bullying and create LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive classrooms. There are Spanish resources too!

Welcoming Schools Distributes Over 500 Books

Read about how our Welcoming Schools program helped affirm and celebrate different students’ identities by distributing inclusive books to schools across the country.

Key Findings for Educators & Administrators

Our 2023 Youth Report includes insightful findings about the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ youth, including those that transpire in school and classroom settings. We’ve compiled key findings every teacher, educator and school administrator should know along with action steps they can take to better support LGBTQ+ students in the classroom and beyond.

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Project THRIVE 2023 Back to School Checklist

This checklist provides a research-based guide for K-12 educators and other youth-serving professionals as they proactively work to ensure safe, welcoming, and inclusive schools and communities for LGBTQ+ youth.

Top 12 Recommended Books for Elementary and Secondary

Provide inclusive stories to help students feel seen and supported, our Welcoming Schools program has created a list of the top 12 recommended books to share with Elementary and Secondary school students- with a wide variety of engaging stories encompassing themes of identity, family, and growing up.