Volunteer with HRC

Interested in Volunteering with the Human Rights Campaign?

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved!

Volunteers are the backbone of HRC, and our volunteers work on the front lines in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality.

HRC’s powerful network of all-volunteer communities is made up of people from a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, identities, and skill sets. We invest in our volunteers through leadership development and recognition programs, offering workshops, conferences, online resources and support from staff to ensure that our leaders become the strongest and most effective advocates, leaders and fundraisers they can be.

We welcome you to join our movement no matter how much time you are able to give.

Find Volunteer Shifts with HRC

Volunteers are needed now to contribute their time and talent to advance equality. Click below to find in-person and/or virtual volunteer opportunities near you.

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Join an HRC Steering Committee Community

Across the country, we have over 30 all-volunteer Steering Committee communities that engage individuals locally in the fight for equality. In addition to educating the public about the issues that affect LGBTQ+people and their families, our steering committees work to build strong relationships with local businesses and like-minded organizations, raise money to fund our work and turn out voters to elect pro-Equality candidates into office. Apply today!

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Why Volunteer with HRC?

Our volunteers have a variety of reasons why they contribute their time and talent to our cause. Being a volunteer with HRC provides you the opportunity and training to change the lived experiences for LGBTQ+ people and make the world more fair and equitable.

Here are some of the other reasons to volunteer with HRC:

  • Become a part of the ever-growing movement of LGBTQ+ people and allies working to build across their communities
  • Get connected to pro-equality minded people and their professional and social networks
  • Take advantage of the leadership development opportunities HRC offers throughout the year
  • Enhance your skills and channel your creativity while strengthening your local LGBTQ+ community