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MOM OF TRANSGENDER STUDENT ATHLETE SAYS DISTRICT'S INVESTIGATION HAS DESTROYED HER DAUGHTER'S LIFE: On Tuesday, Jessica Norton, the mother of a transgender student athlete and an employee of Monarch High School, gave her first public remarks at the Broward County School Board meeting amid the seven-month long investigation of allegedly violating Florida’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. Norton describes the devastating experiences her family faced after her transgender daughter was outed playing on the school’s volleyball team in alleged violation of state law. The resulting investigation threatened Norton’s employment and destroyed her daughter’s high school career. “School administration claims to care about all students but they don't care about my child,” said Norton. “All of them should be embarrassed that they’re in charge of the lives of children seeing as they had no problem destroying the life of my daughter. But you know what, it’s alright if I’m the villain in their story because I am the hero in my daughter's story.” Read more about Norton’s remarks and her story here and here. And read the Sun Sentinel’s editorial, which describes the case as a “tragedy on multiple levels” and calls on the school board to let Norton keep her job.

HRC RELEASES THIRD ANNUAL BRAZIL WORKPLACE EQUALITY REPORT: Today, the HRC Foundation, in partnership with Instituto Mais Diversidade and the Forum de Empresas e Direitos LGBTI+, released its third annual ‘HRC Equidade BR: Global Workplace Equality Program’ report. This is the leading benchmarking survey and report recognizing employers in Brazil that have demonstrated a commitment to LGBTQIA+ equality by adopting crucial LGBTQIA+-inclusive policies and practices for their employees. This year, 79 organizations earned the maximum score in Equidade BR and were recognized with the 2024 HRC Foundation designation of “Best Places to Work for LGBTQIA+ People,” or in Brazil, “Melhores Empresas Para Pessoas LGBTQIA+ Trabalharem.” That represents a 39% increase in certified companies over those highlighted in 2023. Participation also increased from 91 employers last year to 124 in 2024. The HRC Foundation’s work in Brazil impacts more than 850,000 employees working for inclusive organizations nationwide.


SPLC — PRIDE MONTH: PUBLIC LIBRARIES IN THE CROSSHAIRS: Last year, former children's librarian Carley Stewart at Oconee County Library in Georgia selected a book about cultural icon RuPaul from the Little People, Big Dreams series to celebrate Pride. Reflecting on her book choice, Stewart explained, “it focused on celebrating your differences, how everyone's unique” Unfortunately, Stewart and the library faced backlash from anti-LGBTQ+ groups like Moms for Liberty, who ostensibly aim to increase parental involvement but often advocate for restricting inclusive literary material on topics such as LGBTQ+ rights. Public libraries play a crucial role in providing equal opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds and can serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth and all teens seeking supportive communities. For more on efforts to maintain libraries as safe and inclusive spaces for youth, read Maya Henson Carey’s article here.