HRC Mississippi volunteers hosted their second annual community Friendsgiving on November 21 in Jackson at the Fondren Presbyterian Church.

Friendsgiving is important for many reasons but especially because we know that many LGBTQ people struggle with family acceptance or are unable to be out to their family at all -- making the holidays a difficult time.

HRC Mississippi’s Friendsgiving provides a safe and friendly environment to experience fellowship with other LGBTQ and ally friends while enjoying good food generously provided by participants.

“We were so honored to host Friendsgiving again,” said the Rev. Dr. Robert Lowry, Fondren pastor and HRC Federal Club member. “Our partnership with HRC Mississippi is a reflection of our values of welcome, inclusion and community.”

Acceptance and support can make all the difference for LGBTQ people, especially during the holidays. It is important to make sure everyone has a place to celebrate among friends. 

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