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Project THRIVE is a multi-year national campaign to create more equitable, inclusive support systems and communities for LGBTQ+ youth. Project THRIVE will build the skills and capacities of all youth-serving professionals to better meet the needs of LGBTQ+ young people.

Project THRIVE is a collaborative effort of many national organizations, each committed to identifying opportunities within their own sphere of influence to increase awareness about and provide resources to address the unmet needs of LGBTQ+ youth, and to highlight best practices and success stories from their respective professional fields.

Every organization that is part of Project THRIVE has a unique role to play in strengthening family permanence and support, improving health and well-being, increasing school connection and building a foundation of resilience so that all LGBTQ+ youth can thrive. Project THRIVE is committed to an intersectional approach in the work, and to ensuring that LGBTQ+ youth of color and those who are system-involved or have a history of homelessness are a priority focus.

The core goals of Project THRIVE include:

  • Actively promoting well-being for LGBTQ+ youth within all youth-serving professions (e.g. education, child welfare, juvenile justice, health care, homelessness)
  • Providing all youth-serving professionals with the tools, resources and training they need to support and affirm LGBTQ+ youth, in particular LGBTQ+ youth of color and youth who have a history of system involvement
  • Increasing the proportion of LGBTQ+ youth experiencing permanent, supportive connections with caring adults and family networks
  • Reducing the significant disparities in mental and physical health outcomes among LGBTQ+ youth
  • Improving school safety and inclusion so LGBTQ+ students can succeed and thrive academically and socially

This show of force across professions supported by leaders from the nation's largest health, education, child welfare, legal and juvenile justice organizations is aimed at consolidating work to address with singular focus the persistent challenges and barriers that not only prevent LGBTQ+ young people from thriving, but continue to compromise their health and safety. 

To learn more about joining Project THRIVE, please contact ProjectTHRIVE@hrc.org.

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