HRC's LGBTQ+ Youth Report

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In 2022, nearly 13,000 LGBTQ+ youth, from all 50 states and Washington, DC, participated in the 2022 Youth Survey, reporting on their health, well-being, and experiences across all aspects of daily life.

The results of HRC’s 2022 Youth Survey reveal persistent, serious challenges for LGBTQ+ youth, continuing trends observed in the 2017 study. In many cases, the cards remain stacked against LGBTQ+ youth in terms of acceptance and support from their families, their mental health and safety in schools.

Results released by HRC as the 2023 LGBTQ+ Youth Report, and other sub-reports delve into respondents’ well-being, experiences at home, at school, hopes for the future, and other aspects of their daily lives.

In addition, we've released the following reports using data from HRC's 2022 Youth Survey:

LGBTQ+ Youth and the Internet

Released November 2023

This report explores experiences related to internet use by LGBTQ+ youth. This includes both positive and negative elements of internet use, such as experiences connecting with other LGBTQ+ youth as well as experiences with cyberbullying and anti-LGBTQ+ content online.
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School Discipline / School-to-Prison Pipeline

Released September 2023

This report explores lifetime incidence of suspension and expulsion experienced by LGBTQ+ youth, and the impact of this school discipline on academic performance, school safety, well-being, and the school-to-prison pipeline.
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Black LGBTQ+ Youth Report

Released February 2024

This report examines the compounding challenges and unique experiences Black LGBTQ+ youth face because they exist at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities. This includes both positive and negative elements of daily life, including outness, family experiences, school safety, mental health, faith and more.
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Disabled LGBTQ+ Youth Report

Released March 2024

This report focuses on the specific experiences of Disabled LGBTQ+ youth in order to better understand the challenges in their daily lives that are shaped by their lived experience of their sexual orientation and gender identity, (dis)ability status, and/or the intersection of the two.

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2023 LGBTQ+ Youth Report

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