HBCU Leadership Summit

National HBCU Leadership Summit

The National HBCU Leadership Summit provides a leadership development and advocacy training program that empowers LGBTQ HBCU students to act as change-agents on their campuses and in their communities while leading resourcefully through the intersections of race, religion, gender identity, class and sexual orientation. The summit is the only convening for LGBTQ HBCU students, and fosters an environment where students can be affirmed in all of their identities, specifically the interection of being Black and LGBTQ.

The purpose of the National HBCU Leadership Summit is to provide a transformative experience and build a collective of HBCU LGBTQ student-activists dedicated to equity, inclusion and justice on their respective campuses and in the community.

HRC HBCU Program; Historically Black Colleges and Universities


Learning Outcomes
The outcomes for participants of the National HBCU Leadership Summit are to:

  • Develop leadership skills influencing communication, accountability and initiative

  • Expand comprehension surrounding your identities and how they intersect with injustice and oppressive structures

  • Increase network of student leaders across the nation, eager to collaborate toward institutional advancement

  • Organize vision of activism rooted in liberatory praxis, altruism and resilience

  • Redefine approaches to inclusion initiatives leading to structural/organizational transformation

HRC HBCU Program; Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Who is eligible to apply?

  • All LGBTQ undergraduate students currently attending a Historically Black College/University
  • Students with proven academic achievement
  • Students who are current leaders and/or looking to promote LGBTQ inclusion, equity and engagement on their campus and in the community
  • Students who are committed to social justice, servant-leadership, and community organizing


HRC HBCU Program; Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The 2019 application is now closed. All applications are being reviewed. Please expect a decision on Friday, September 20, 2019.


Helpful Information

The information below can provide additional information about the National HBCU Leadership Summit.

National HBCU Leadership Summit FAQs

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