HRC Foundation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Program established HBCU OUTLOUD Day, a day for HBCU students, administrators, faculty, and staff to reaffirm their commitment to LGBTQ+ equality and celebrate diversity milestones met.

What You Need To Know

Who is this for?

Studies suggest that Black LGBTQ+ students choose to attend HBCUs because they desire a college experience that centers their racial identity and cultural perspective (Squire & Mobley, 2015). However, there can be, at times, a tension present and these chosen Black spaces may conflict with the sexual and gender identities of these students.

This is why HBCU OUTLOUD Day exists - to demonstrate to all students that LGBTQ+ students belong and contribute to the beautiful mosaic of the HBCU legacy.

When is it?

HBCU OUTLOUD Day is held annually on the third Wednesday of October. It is held in October because that is when the LGBTQ+ community commemorates LGBTQ+ History Month.

This year, HBCU OUTLOUD Day will be held on Wednesday, October 18, 2023

HBCU Day of Outloud Action: 2023 Theme

In June 2023, for the first time, the Human Rights Campaign declared a national state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people in the United States. More than 75 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been signed into law. The full impact of these laws has yet to be realized, but we do know that 71% of Black youth usually feel worthless or hopeless and 80% have experienced some form of depression.

Together, we can end stigma and discrimination and support an inclusive and equitable campus environment.

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Past Events on #HBCUOutLoudDay

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