2021 CEI Toolkit for Success Webinars

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Updated on: 4/15/2020

In preparation for the 2021 CEI, the Workplace Equality Program Team is launching the 2021 CEI Toolkit for Success, a series of informational webinars covering the 2021 Corporate Equality Index Criteria. These webinars will help you to improve your score and increase your understanding of what each section of the CEI criteria entails. This series is geared towards HR, D&I and ERG professionals that fill out the CEI survey each year.

Couldn't break away for a session? We have you covered!
Recorded versions of each session will be available here after each live webinar.


Past Webinars:

April 14, 2020: Spousal & Domestic Partner Benefits (Criteria 2a and 2b)

April 7, 2020: Transgender Inclusive Benefits (Criteria 2c)

March 31, 2020: Internal Training and Best Practices (Criteria 3a)

March 24, 2020: Outreach/Engagement with the Broader LGBTQ Community (Criteria 3c)

March 17, 2020: Workforce Protections and LGBTQ Corporate Social Responsibility (Criteria 1 and 3d)