An Employer Guide to Supporting Employees in Texas and Beyond

Produced by the HRC Foundation

Throughout the entire country, historic and devastating attacks on the transgender community are taking place, particuarly against trans youth. Most recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took the unprecedented step of directing Texas’ Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate age-appropriate, medically necessary, gender-affirming healthcare for trans adolescents and teens — the same best-practice care supported by every major medical organization — as child abuse.

Because of these attacks, the workplace is now even more important as a safe, affirming place for LGBTQ+ people and their families. Many companies are stepping up and offering their assistance in fighting back against these attacks, advocating to public policy officials, placing advertisements and speaking out against these actions.

This resource is designed to jumpstart conversations, motivate companies to understand and wield the great power that they hold and provide best practices for supporting employees through this difficult time. It shares best practices from companies that are responding to support their employees in areas where anti-LGBTQ+ policies are impacting them and their families. It also provides additional resources and best practices for company engagement in public policy, affirming and supporting employees, and importantly, leveraging corporate power and influence.


An Employer Guide to Supporting Employees in Texas and Beyond

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