Read the Resumes of these 2024 Anti-Equality Candidates

This November, anti-equality candidates from coast to coast, up and down the ballot, will ask voters to elect them to jobs where they will have immense control over our rights and freedoms. Many of these MAGA politicians will try to hide or distort their records and qualifications. That’s why we’re sharing what these candidates’ actual resumes look like—because voters deserve to understand what’s at stake for their lives and their communities when they go to the polls.

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Photography attribution:
Bernie Moreno, Kari Lake and Donald Trump
- Gage Skidmore. Michael Lawler - New York State Young Republicans.
Eric Hovde - AP. Ken Calvert - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Anti-Equality Candidates

Donald Trump
Running For: President

Donald Trump served as the 45th president of the U.S. and lost his re-election bid to President Joe Biden in 2020. Trump has been hostile to the LGBTQ+ community for years and frequently used his presidency to harm our community.

Kari Lake
Running For: U.S. Senate

Election-denying Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Arizona who wants voters to forget the far-right fringe rhetoric and stances from failed gubernatorial run and desperation to gain Donald Trump's favor.

Mark Robinson
Running for: Governor

Republican candidate for North Carolina Governor who wants to be most MAGA and out-of-touch politician of 2024 cycle while bringing embarrassment and shame to his state by erasing generations of gains in civil rights and freedoms.

Bernie Moreno
Running for: U.S. Senate

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Ohio seeks position with national platform to spread anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda, bully LGBTQ+ youth, pass a federal abortion ban, and push MAGA agenda.

David McCormick
Running for: U.S. Senate

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania whose home is a $16M mansion in Connecticut; loves telling LGBTQ+ people how to live their lives and enthusiastically wants to censor educators in their classrooms.

Eric Hovde
Running for: U.S. Senate

California banker and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Wisconsin running on a cruel MAGA-inspired agenda that is out of touch with Wisconsinites and reality.

Sam Brown
Running for: U.S. Senate

DeSantis and Trump fanboy seeking to become a U.S. Senator from Nevada—despite being a newcomer to the state—in order to bring divisive, unpopular, MAGA-inspired policies to Washington instead of working on behalf of Nevadans.

Tim Sheehy
Running for: U.S. Senate

Wannabe cowboy, full-time millionaire from Minnesota who wants to be the next United States Senator from…Montana. Eager to roll back abortion and LGBTQ+ rights.

Mike Lawler
Running for: U.S. House

To be re-elected as a Republican U.S. Congressman from New York in a seat that is key to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians remaining in control of the U.S. House of Representatives and to maintain a moderate facade while continuing to give in to anti-LGBTQ+ MAGA bullies.

Ken Calvert
Running for: U.S. House

Bigoted Republican California Congressman dead set on keeping MAGA Mike Johnson in charge of the House and legislatively attacking LGBTQ+ people, women, and other marginalized communities.

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