2016 Republican Facts: Highlighting Candidates' Records on LGBTQ Equality

As a resource to journalists, this website highlights the public statements of Republican candidates on key issues including: support for marriage equality, support for non-discrimination bills, opposition to dangerous conversion therapy, history of harmful rhetoric, and support for the right of LGBTQ Americans to adopt.

The second phase of the project will cover the positions of potential Democratic candidates on LGBTQ issues. As candidates evolve and expand their positions on LGBTQ issues, and as the field expands this research will be updated to take into account their most recent publicly available statements. Additions, questions and suggestions can be sent to 2016research@hrc.org.

Donald Trump

Opposes Nationwide Marriage Equality

About Trump

John Kasich

Opposed Marriage Equality, Same-Sex Adoption

About Kasich

Ted Cruz

Not a Fan of Pride Parades

About Cruz

Marco Rubio

Consistently on the Wrong Side of Equality

About Rubio

Ben Carson

Compares Same-Sex Marriage to Beastiality

About Carson

Jeb Bush

Opposes Marriage Equality

About Bush

Carly Fiorina

Supported by the National Organization for Marriage

About Fiorina

Chris Christie

Opposes Nationwide Marriage Equality, Transgender Rights

About Christie

Bobby Jindal

Turned Back the Clock on Non-Discrimination Protections

About Jindal

Lindsey Graham

Compared Same-Sex Marriage to Polygamy

About Graham

Mike Huckabee

Let's Talk About the Ick Factor

About Huckabee

Rand Paul

Thinks President Obama Couldn't "Get Any Gayer"

About Paul

Rick Perry

Thinks Supporters of Marriage Equality Should Just Move to California

About Perry

Rick Santorum

Compares Same-Sex Marriage to 9/11

About Santorum

Scott Walker

Claims Voters Aren't Demanding Marriage Equality

About Walker

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