Human Rights Campaign, Athlete Ally Announce Partnership with on New Video with Chris Mosier, “Kids Meet a Trans Athlete!”, To Mark 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

by Madeleine Roberts video features kids meeting Chris Mosier, first openly transgender athlete to qualify for an Olympic Trials in their affirmed gender

Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization, and Athlete Ally, a national nonprofit working to elevate and advocate for LGBTQI+ athletes, announced the release of a new video from, “Kids Meet a Trans Athlete!” The video features kids getting to know Chris Mosier, a triathlete, duathlete, race walker and six-time member of Team USA, who was the first out transgender man to compete in a men’s Olympic Trials and first openly transgender person to qualify for an Olympic Trials in their affirmed gender. Mosier is also the founder of, the leading resource for trans-inclusive policies in sports at various levels of play and information on transgender people in sport.

The video’s release coincides with the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which includes more out LGBTQ athletes than any previous Summer Olympics. For the first time, openly trans athletes will compete at the Olympics, including New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, Canada soccer player Quinn and U.S. BMX Freestyle rider Chelsea Wolfe. Even as these trans athletes pursue their dreams at the Olympics, trans youth who are trying to play sports in their home states are under attack from their own legislators. More than 70 bills have been introduced this year that would prohibit trans youth from participating in school sports consistent with their gender identity. These attacks, which are rooted in transphobia as well racism and sexism, have a compounded effect on trans youth of color, especially Black trans youth. Of the many of the anti-trans sports bills in these states, eight state laws have been passed this year that restrict transgender girls from participating on girls’ athletic teams.

“The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is proud to partner with Athlete Ally, and on this moving and fun new video. The video makes clear that trans people deserve to participate in sports that are consistent with their gender identity. As we support LGBTQ athletes, we must ensure we are also addressing the racism that prevents too many women -- including LGBTQ women -- from being able to compete and thrive as themselves. As the Olympic Games begin this year, we are proud to see more openly LGBTQ athletes competing than ever before, including, for the first time, out transgender athletes. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation applauds these athletes and all those who paved the way for their participation, including Chris Mosier. We are all excited to cheer them on over the next several weeks.”

Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President

“Access to sport is a fundamental human right. Athlete Ally is proud to be partnering with The Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Cut.Com and Chris Mosier to underscore that fundamental right for all LGBTQ+ athletes, especially transgender athletes who have been facing a tidal wave of legislative efforts to ban them from sports. This video is a powerful tool for dismantling pervasive myths and misinformation around the transgender community and transgender athletes’ participation in sports, and for cultivating much-needed empathy and support. Transgender athletes at all levels deserve to be safe, welcome and included in sport. We join together in celebrating all transgender athletes, from trailblazing Olympians Laurel Hubbard, Quinn and Chelsea Wolfe, to the youth athletes who simply want to play with their friends. We will never stop fighting for the right of all transgender athletes to be who they are and play the sport they love.”

Hudson Taylor, Athlete Ally Executive Director

“Since coming out publicly as a transgender person in sports in 2010, I have made it my mission to make it easier for every transgender and non-binary athlete after me -- especially young people. I have felt a sense of pride in being able to represent my country at the highest level of my sports and create a pathway for our transgender Olympians competing this year, but also deep sadness knowing young people like me are being prevented from playing sports with their friends here in the United States. Participating in sports as a young person provided me a sense of belonging and a sense of self that every young person should have the opportunity to experience. Working with the young people in this video gives me a sense a hope and a renewed enthusiasm and drive to continue to use my platform as an athlete to fight for the rights of transgender and non-binary athletes around the globe.”

Chris Mosier

The new video from, “Kids Meet a Trans Athlete!”, is part of Cut’s series “Kids Meet.” It features kids meeting openly trans athlete Chris Mosier. They discuss what it means to be transgender, Mosier’s participation in the World Championships and Olympic Trials, trans inclusion in sports and anti-trans sports bans in U.S. states. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has previously worked with on a series of videos that interview transgender women and non-binary people of color about some of the most pressing issues facing the community.

The Human Rights Campaign has also launched the “Count Me In” campaign to encourage everyone, LGBTQ people and allies, to get loud, get visible and spread awareness on behalf of transgender and non-binary people. The more people who show they care, including allies and trans and non-binary people who speak up for the most marginalized in our community, the more hearts and minds will change. Learn more and take action at For more information about HRC’s transgender justice work, visit In the pursuit of greater accuracy and respect, the HRC Foundation offers guidelines for journalists and others who report on transgender people.

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Athlete Ally believes sport will change the world when it welcomes and empowers all people. As a leading national nonprofit working at the intersection of sport and LGBTQI+ equality, Athlete Ally works to end the structural and systemic oppression that isolates, excludes and endangers LGBTQI+ people in sport. We educate individuals and institutions to understand obstacles to inclusion for LGBTQI+ people and how they can build an inclusive culture within their athletic communities. We work to ensure sport governing bodies, teams and leagues adopt policies that reflect the diversity of their constituents. We incubate athlete activism to advance LGBTQI+ equality in and through sport. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. is the leading resource for trans-inclusive policies in sports at various levels of play and information on transgender people in sport. Founded by trailblazing transgender athlete Chris Mosier, the site has become a go-to resource for tracking and taking action against the anti-trans sports bills across the United States. For more information, visit or follow @TheChrisMosier on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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