These are the States Trying to Stop Trans Kids from Playing Sports

by Ella Schneiberg

Person facing back at a protest holding a sign that says "Trans Folx Are Not A Threat, Transphobia Is"

You’re 13. You want to play soccer. You sign up for your school’s team, practice hard, and make friends. Then a state lawmaker introduces legislation that would ban you from playing sports because you’re transgender.

There is a coordinated attack on trans kids being waged in state legislatures across the country right now — and one of the most common bills that we’re tracking targets trans athletes.

Every kid deserves to play sports consistent with their gender identity.

The only state to pass this type of legislation so far has been Idaho, which swiftly had the law suspended by a district court. We’ll continue to fight against discriminatory attempts like this in other states.

Right now, we’re tracking at least 22 bills in 17 states. Here are some of the bills we’re following, and what you can do to help:


On January 27, the Montana House passed an anti-trans bill (SB 99) that would ban trans kids from playing sports consistent with their gender identity. Montanan kids deserve better.

To take action if you live in Montana: Text CALL MT to 472472 and we will help you connect directly with your senator to share your opposition to the bill.


A Mississippi committee passed an anti-transgender bill (SB 2536) which would ban trans women and girls from participating in sports; its now close to passing. This is one of the most extreme versions of this anti-transgender legislation proposed so far this year.

This bill is modeled after a law that Idaho passed last year, a law that was swiftly suspended by a district court.

To take action if you live in Mississippi: Text MS to 472-472 now.


Anti-equality lawmakers are pushing two anti-trans sports bans (HB 276 and HB 372) in Georgia.


An anti-trans sports bill (HB 1217) in South Dakota that would require student athletes and their parents to sign a document attesting to their “genetics and reproductive biology” now has 31 cosponsors.


An anti-trans sports bill (HB 3) passed in the House K-12 Subcommittee on Tuesday, February 9 and is making its way through the legislature right now.


Legislators in Arizona have introduced an anti-trans sports bill (SB 1482) in the state.


An anti-trans sports bill (HB 1045) in Missouri has the potential to move through the process quickly.


The North Dakota anti-trans sports bill (HB 1298) has not been taken up by committee for amendments or a vote. A vote is anticipated for the week of February 8.


An anti-trans sports bill (SB 324) in Connecticut has been referred to committee.


An anti-trans sports bill (HB 302) in Utah has been introduced.


An anti-trans sports bill in New Hampshire (HB 198) has been introduced and assigned to a committee.


An anti-trans sports bill (SB 331) in Oklahoma has been referred to the House Education committee.

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