Lights, Cameras, Action (Will & Grace!)

by HRC Staff

It’s finally time to celebrate the long anticipated return of NBC’s Will & Grace!

It’s finally time to celebrate the long anticipated return of NBC’s Will & Grace! We’re especially excited because we all know that the show has not only been a staple of LGBTQ culture – it’s also helped change American culture since it first aired in the fall of 1998. Will and Grace – and Jack and Karen too! – spent eight seasons bringing LGBTQ characters into living rooms all across America.

Thanks to the work of long-time HRC supporters and Will & Grace co-creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, the series was critical to changing hearts, minds and American culture. The show aired while we battled for marriage equality state by state, took on anti-LGBTQ legislation and worked to teach our neighbors, friends and family that love is love.

Now, 11 years later, Will & Grace is coming back on the air and it couldn’t be happening at a better time. As the whole gang promotes acceptance on the screen, we hope you’ll join HRC and our more than three million members and supporters in continuing to protect LGBTQ civil rights and fight back against discrimination from coast to coast.

As we continue our fight for full equality, take a moment to be inspired by the behind-the-scenes video and share it on Facebook to spread the word about Will & Grace’s return on September 28.