Up Front, Fall 2022

Aid for AIDS

We are taking action to help mitigate the obstacles that developing countries across the globe face in connecting people with life-saving HIV medication. Through a partnership with AID for AIDS and Prevention Access Campaign, the “Pass it On” campaign recycles HIV medication and aims to supply those who lack access to treatment with the life-saving medicine they need to stay healthy.

With more than 37 million people living with HIV, this campaign reaches some of the most vulnerable and under-resourced communities in the world like the many regions in sub-Saharan Africa and South America.

See how you can help at hrc.im/passiton.

Digital Resources for Living Openly

Every coming out experience is as unique as the person going through it. Your race, religion, ethnicity, how you identify and a variety of other factors can make the journey hard to navigate.

Coming out should always be a personal decision. If and when you decide to share that part of yourself with the world, we are here to support you. HRC has a dynamic new collection of digital resources to help you come out and live openly at home, at work and in your community. Learn more at hrc.org/comingout.


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Gender-Affirming Care

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. But across the country, politicians desperate to gain power and their allies in the media are consistently targeting transgender and non-binary youth with discriminatory attacks.

Not only is this disinformation campaign making it difficult for trans and non-binary youth to access age-appropriate, life-saving gender-affirming care, but it is also fueling threats and violence against providers of gender-affirming care, preventing them from supporting the communities they are meant to serve.

Stop the disinformation. Know the facts. Find out more at hrc.im/gender-affirming-care.

Pride happens every day, in every neighborhood, and I want this to be honored as well.

Sam Kirk, multidisciplinary artist and visual storyteller

Latinx Heritage Month

During this year’s Latinx Heritage Month celebration, HRC shared the stories and lived experiences of LGBTQ+ Latinx people who help make our nation vibrant and unique, but who have also been instrumental in our mission for full equality.

Multidisciplinary artist Sam Kirk helped us celebrate Latinx communities and cultures through a queer lens. Her original artwork for HRC “Orgulloso” brings together Latinx beauty, power and queer joy.

Hear more from the artist herself and learn about her artwork and HRC’s other artist collaborations at hrc.im/artistcollab.


Major companies are united in opposing the wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, much of which specifically harms transgender youth, in states across the country. The list of signatories has more than quadrupled in the past year. Nearly 300 companies have signed on to HRC and Freedom for All Americans’ Business Statement on Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation —

they join together to call on state lawmakers to abandon efforts to push anti-transgender legislation and other bills affecting their LGBTQ+ workers, customers and clients.

The list of signatories increases daily. View the updated list and encourage your employer to join at hrc.im/businessletter.


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HRC's Dinner Events

Austin Dinner (January 21, 2023):

Co-chairs: Sam Slate & John Aquino
Location: JW Marriott Austin

S. Florida Dinner (January 28, 2023):

Co-chairs: Jasmin Lewis, Adrianna Tender & Tatiana Williams
Location: Ft. Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach

Greater New York Dinner (February 4, 2023):

Co-chairs: Michael Westwood, Vikrum Vishnubhakta & Danielle Bisordi
Location: Marriott Marquis New York

Greater Cincinnati Dinner (February 18, 2023):

Co-chairs: Elizabeth Kennedy, Chase Rickey & Roderick Hinton
Location: Hilton Netherland Plaza

Greater Philadelphia Dinner (March 4, 2023):

Co-chairs: Thomas Rogers & Leigh-Anne Taylor
Location: Loews Philadelphia Hotel

Nashville Dinner (March 11, 2023):

Co-chairs: Dakerri Rhoen & Philip Heil
Location: Renaissance Nashville

N. Carolina Dinner (March 18, 2023):

Location: Le Méridien Charlotte

Los Angeles Dinner (March 25, 2023):

Co-chairs: Sandy Bass & Nam Lam
Location: JW Marriott / LA Live

Houston Dinner (April 15, 2023):

Location: Marriott Marquis Houston

Atlanta Dinner (May 6, 2023):

Co-chairs: Michael Cabe & Katie Christof
Location: Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Book tickets and learn more about dinner events here!