Up Front, Winter 2021

HRC Members Are Powerful.

You never give up. And we are so grateful.

HRC 2021 Membership Card. Renew Today!

Members of the Human Rights Campaign are the key to achieving our mission of full equality for all. Thank you for giving so much of your time and energy and for being so generous last year. We pulled through together ... elected pro-equality candidates up and down the ballots nationwide ... and now we see the Biden-Harris administration making the changes we asked for.

Together, we are making life better for LGBTQ people. By changing hearts and minds, laws, and culture, we are changing the landscape for the LGBTQ community.

Please continue to stay active and engaged, because 2021 is our moment to make crucial progress for equality — and we want you to be a huge part of it!

Renew your membership for 2021 today if you haven't already!