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A New Day for Equality

Winter 2021

In This Issue: It is a new day in America. After an inspiring election, the White House and Congress are pro-equality and we are closer than ever before to achieving full equality under the law. But we can’t slow down as we cross the finish line, we must take action to realize our dreams and dismantle the systems of oppression. It is time to demand equality.

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Prioritizing Equality From Day One

In 2020, the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris proved that equality is a winning issue. For four years, the Trump-Pence administration systematically attacked LGBTQ people and our nation’s most sacred institutions. As we breathe a welcomed sigh of…

Representation Matters

In 2020, LGBTQ people once again made history. With a historic number of LGBTQ people elected across the country in city halls, statehouses and Capitol Hill, newly elected LGBTQ officials…

The Fight Ahead

With anti-equality forces in control of so many state legislatures, unprecedented anti-LGBTQ threats have ramped up in states across the country. We've seen the same national anti-LGBTQ organizations push hateful…

Investing in Our Communities

Earlier this year, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation announced a brand new, $3.2 million, two-year grant from Gilead Sciences Inc. to support communities around the country that have been disproportionately…

The COVID-19 Vaccine

by Jose Soto (He/Him)

As the coronavirus vaccine is slowly making its way to people across the United States, with hopes of it being expedited by the Biden-Harris administration, many people wait anxiously to…

The pro-equality future — which so many of us have worked toward for decades — is closer than ever before.
Alphonso David Human Rights Campaign President Letter from the President ›