International Transgender Day of Visibility

Each year on March 31, we honor International Transgender Day of Visibility!
We celebrate the joy and resilience of trans and non-binary people everywhere by elevating voices and experiences from these communities.

Trans Day of Visibility

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There are over 1.6 million trans, non-binary and gender-expansive youth (age 13+) and adults across the United States. We are parents and family members. We are your coworkers, your neighbors and your friends. We are a diverse community, representing all racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as all faith traditions.

While we have made significant progress in recent years, with more visibility than ever before, we are still fighting for basic human rights for the community. Today we are experiencing significant political attacks by extremists legislating hate in the states and in Congress. We also face an ongoing epidemic of fatal violence, especially against Black and Brown trans women.

Today and every day, we must celebrate all trans and non-binary people everywhere and combat disinformation, discrimination and hate impacting our community.

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Celebrate Trans Joy

Trans Activists You Need To Know

We're happy to share the stories of several trans change makers, and to learn what brings them joy. From small victories to significant milestones, every moment of trans joy serves as a testament to the strength and perseverance of the trans community.

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On the Frontlines: Serving and Advocating for my Local Black Trans Community

Meet Ciora Thomas, Founder and Executive Director of SisTers PGH and an HRC's ACTIVATE fellow and Trans Justice Initiative Lyft Grantee. She's on the frontlines serving and advocating her local Black Trans community.

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility: Hope and Progress for a Better World

Hear from Mila Genesis Hellfyre Hernandez and Nick Alicea Ortiz, Puerto Rican trans activists whose work and lives have been enriched by their involvement with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the HRC Foundation.

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Celebrating Changemakers

Our changemakers share their experiences with TJI's programs, and the impact these programs have had on their daily lives. We share their stories not only to uplift their successes, but also to ensure there are positive representations of the transgender and non-binary community and its resiliency, further combating transphobia, stigma, and anti-trans violence.

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Advocate for Trans Rights

Trans Justice Initiative

Our Transgender Justice Initiative works with community-based advocates across the country to make impactful changes for trans people. Learn more about our ongoing work and efforts.

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Parents for Transgender Equality Network

All across this country, parents are taking action to support and protect their transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive children.

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Understanding Neopronouns

Neopronouns are also pronouns, and include those besides the ones most commonly used in a particular language. As one’s pronouns are ultimately a reflection of their personal identity, the number and types of (neo)pronouns a person may use is limitless.

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Be an Ally - Support Trans Equality

Now more than ever, our transgender and non-binary community members need to feel seen, supported, and safe as they go through their daily lives. It may not always be easy to know how to best show up as an ally, and you may often wonder if or wish that there was more you could do. We've created a checklist of things to do, from beginner steps to some that are more involved.

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Uplift Trans Visibility

Trans Talks Series

Across the country, we have seen violence against our trans community and for too long other people have spoken for us. With Trans Talks, we are coming together to grow our trans community and define our future using our own voices.

  • Play the Video Trans Talks: Motivate Monday and Transmasculinity

    Tune in as we talk transmasculinity and MOTIVATE, HRCF's new leadership cohort for transmasc leaders.

  • Play the Video Trans Talks: Sex, Health & HIV

    Trans Justice Initiative's Director Tori Cooper speaks with guests on the topics of sex, health, and HIV centering on trans experiences.

  • Play the Video Trans Talks: RuPaul's Drag Race Edition

    Speaking with guests from RuPaul's Drag Race, Jasmine Kenned, Miss Monroe Elise, and Cornbread on the representation of gender and trans experiences, along with other topics centered on the trans community.

Celebrate with Your Community! Find Local Events Near You

Our state steering committees have sent in local events for you to celebrate and get involved with your community. Click on your state to learn more about Trans Day of Visibility events happening in your area!