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This summer, HRC supported prides in eight countries on five continents through our newly launched Global Partnerships in Pride program.

Our support helped raise the visibility of LGBTQ people and created a positive impact in Peru, India, Bulgaria, Cambodia, El Salvador, Jamaica and Nicaragua.

Unfortunately, Uganda Pride was forcibly shut down by the government, a move that HRC and others strongly condemned.

Here is a snapshot of those prides from around the globe:


Former HRC Global Fellow Denitsa Ivanova organized a small but lively Sofia Pride march. 

Bulgaria, Pride, HRC
Credit: Denitsa Ivanova


HRC Global Innovator Srorn Srun organized a two day pride gathering. Twenty-five same-sex and transgender couples, some of whom had been together for 40 years, gathered at a Buddhist pagoda to share powerful stories about their lives together. Local leaders, police officers, religious leaders and villagers also attended.

Cambodia, Pride, HRC
Credit: Srun Srorn

El Salvador

The opening ceremony of El Salvador Pride got off to a colorful start after a senior government official kicked off the event. HRC Global Innovator Andrea Ayala played a leading role in organizing the march, which was a celebration of the right to love.

El Salvador, Pride, HRC


More than 200 people attended a performance by Dancing Queens, which HRC Global Innovator Abhina Aher founded, in Mumbai. A dance troupe made up of transgender and LGBTQ people, Dancing Queens has used dance and drama to advocate for queer rights for over a decade.

India, Pride, HRC
Credit: Abhina Aher


HRC was once again glad to support J-FLAG’s joyful pride events. HRC Global Innovator Jaevion Nelson played a leading role.

Jamaica, HRC, Pride
Credit: J-FLAG


For the past year, HRC has been collaborating with LGBTQ advocates in Nicaragua to help them raise visibility, build alliances and increase support for efforts to gain legal protections. HRC colors were visible throughout their pride parade.

Nicaragua, HRC, Pride
Credit: En la Vina del Senor


HRC Global Innovator Gabriel de la Cruz Soler launched a new organization Presente at a pride event attended by 300 corporate leaders, cultural leaders and LGBTQ activists, including a Peruvian congressman and the U.S. ambassador.

Peru, HRC, Pride
Credit: Gabriel de la Cruz Soler

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