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Global Partnerships in Pride

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HRC’s Global Partnerships in Pride program seeks to foster innovation, raise the visibility of LGBTQ communities where appropriate, maximize positive impact for LGBTQ advocates, and demonstrate international solidarity.  We encourage applications from organizations representing diverse regions, issue/expertise areas, and constituencies in the LGBTQ community served by the applying organizations.

HRC Global will support pride events in up to five countries in 2018 through our Global Partnerships in Pride program.  This program is open to current and former HRC Global Innovators and HRC Global Fellows.  

A Global Partnership in Pride includes the following:

  1. Financial support of up to $1,500
  2. In-kind support of HRC flags, t-shirts and other products
  3. Partnering with HRC to promote your pride event as appropriate.

Click here to apply for the Global Partnerships in Pride program in 2018.  Applications are due on the following dates:

  • May 15 if your event is on or before July 15
  • June 15 if your event is on or before October 30

If you have any questions, please email

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