Global Partnerships in Pride

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HRC Global is launching a new program through which we will support pride events in up to five countries in the world.

We will select countries where supporting pride events will raise the visibility of LGBTQ people and have a positive impact. HRC has supported a variety of pride events around the world in the last few years. For instance, in 2016 we supported pride events in five countries (Jamaica, Lithuania, Nepal, Uganda and Vietnam).

We seek to support pride events organized or co-sponsored by LGBTQ organizations that are established and have accountability mechanisms. We encourage applications from a diverse range of organizations. Diversity includes regional, issue/expertise areas and constituencies in the LGBTQ community served by the organization.

HRC can provide financial support of up to $2,000 per country/organization and in-kind support such as HRC flags, signs, t-shirts and other collateral.

If you are selected and HRC provides your pride event(s) with financial and/or in-kind support, we request that you use and prominently display HRC collateral at your pride event(s). We also request that you submit two timely blogs written by you or your colleagues for the HRC website. Finally, if there are no security risks, please send us pictures and a short video of the pride event(s) along with permission to post these on the HRC website and social media.

Apply here to receive support through the Global Partnerships in Pride program. We will review applications on a rolling basis beginning on May 15, 2017 and will only notify successful applicants.

Our partnership programs are open to current and former HRC Global Innovators and HRC Global Fellows. Please visit these links to learn more and apply to become an HRC Global Innovator or HRC Global Fellow.  For more information about our Global Partnerships in Innovative Advocacy program, click here.

What if I have more questions?
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